We Build Strong Brands

We believe that design will immediately define the value, integrity, and honour of a product or service. In everything we do, we believe in challenging expectations, and inspiring others in the constant pursuit of a world with intelligent and attractive design.

Our work is about discovery, pushing away preconceptions on what things should look like. Clients look to us for someone they can work with - to get out their ideas and dreams – and steer the project’s development in a way that fulfills their brand strategy.

Who We've Worked With

We're focused on executing outstanding artwork

BLACKSMITH is a collaborative effort between skilled artists and brand guardians, who recognize the value of quality artwork and great design for a successful launch and building their brand.

We provoke our clients to think differently about their projects by focusing on creating high quality, custom artwork and design that communicates the idea in an unexpected and interesting way.

We solve problems, not just provide options to select from. BLACKSMITH DESIGN CO. forges a brand into shape, rearranging, bending and moving, instead of removing; developing the brand into a new and improved version of itself. By identifying the strengths in an idea or product, we celebrate, emphasize and communicate its advantages.

Who We Are

Co-founded by Elton Clemente and Sean Zaffino in 2014. Our name pays homage to blacksmiths who work with materials in different states and forms; a fine mix of artistic intuition, precision skill and backed by practical knowledge of working with the materials.

We tactically work with brands in different states and forms; applying artistic skill and practical experience.

  • Elton Clemente

    Co-Founder - Branding and Design

  • Dana Kaluzny

    Operations and Development

  • Sean Zaffino

    Co-Founder - Web Design and Development

Our Process

Our experience means we understand that exciting new ideas still need to fit within your brand guidelines. We ensure that our clients work directly with the artists to customize every project.

We work collaboratively with our clients, focusing on the discovery process and steering a project’s development with design relevant to your resources and brand strategy.

We use a project management framework to tackle projects from a definitive start to their completion, providing lasting results for our clients to successfully evolve.

We provide friendly, outstanding customer service because we know that success is achieved through continuously building mutually beneficial relationships and trust with our clients.

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